Rhode Island
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Rhode Island's FIRST AND ONLY:

Certified Feline Master Groomer

Feline Exclusive Grooming business

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Welcome to Rhode Island Cat Grooming!  We are a feline exclusive service that offers Spa like Luxury in a Convenient Mobile Fashion.  
Mandi Gorton is the proud owner & pet stylist.  Clients enjoy the peace of mind knowing all pets are treated with respect and love. 
Our goal is to create a stress free grooming experience.

People often ask me, 

Of coarse! Your cat has skin and coat, right? They have to be washed and blow dried to keep clean, you wouldn't let your kids go without a bath, even if they insist they are already clean! ;)  

Nope, that's false.  I have never seen a cat pick up a bar of soap or nail trimmers!  All your cat is doing is licking itself, if I covered myself in spit would you want to give me a hug? Of coarse not, gross! That is what your kitty friend is doing right now while snuggling in bed with you!

That's very normal, even some veterinarians are not aware of the huge leap in the cat grooming industry in the last 20 years, thanks to the NCGIA (National Cat Groomer Institute of America), did you know there are Certified Feline Master Groomers in every contenant but Antartica?  WoW!  Can you believe there isn't one yet in Rhode Island?  I am on my way to change that! 

Bliss is not currently accepting dog clients, we have 100% confidence in Kate from The Houndstooth Mobile Grooming will take excellent care of your Large Dog! For those looking for a salon solution please contact me directly and I can advise you accordingly.