Hello, I am Samantha and I am the owner of Blissful Mobile Grooming!

Blissful Mobile Grooming knows your lap dog deserves only the lap of luxury.

Our Full Service Groom includes everything your dog needs because we treat each pet like family! We only use products and techniques that we would use on our own fur-kids.

All of our services are priced based on the time, care and attention that your pet requires.

Why Go Mobile With Us?

 Less Stress for your pet - No car rides, strange dogs or cages.
Less Stress for you - No traveling, parking wars or rushing.
Convenience - We come to you!
Quiet - We use an inverter system to power our fully equipped grooming van so we never 

               have to run noisy generators!

No Fuss - Sometimes grooming at home can be tough, dirty, and/or simply a hair pulling 

               experience! Take a little of your stress out of your life and leave the scrubbing, 

               drying, and beautifying to us!

No Worry - As a parent it is perfectly normal to worry about your child(ren) whether they 

               have 2 or 4 legs. You can rest easy knowing that we only use products, 

               techniques, and care that we use on our own fur-kids. We only use All Natural, 

               biodegradable, hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners (except medicated).

               We work with your pet to build up trust and confidence.

We Are A Team - We will work with you to help customize a plan to help maintain your 

               pet's health and hair care needs!

* Except in cases of Medicated or Flea Repellent Shampoos